PRP Records


(2^1882787-2^941394+1)/5 is 5-PRP, originally found using LLR ver.3.8.9 for Windows (no factor till 2^54).
This is a Fermat PRP at base 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 31, 101, 137 - confirmed with PFGW Version [GWNUM 27.8].

Additionally using the following command with PFGW:
-a2 -tp -q(2^1882787-2^941394+1)/5

I ve received the following result:
Running N+1 test using discriminant 2, base 2+sqrt(2)
Generic modular reduction using generic reduction AVX FFT length 224K, Pass1=896, Pass2=256 on A 1882787-bit number
Calling Brillhart-Lehmer-Selfridge with factored part 0.00%
(2^1882787-2^941394+1)/5 is Lucas PRP! (346901.5912s+0.0100s)

To be completed...

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