PRP Records


Also found 2^34001+1085, but that was an already known prp.

This is all prp's (base 3,5,137) for the rectangular region of:
2^34000-5000 to 2^34000+5000
2^35000-5000 to 2^35000+5000

The range from k=-1000 to k=+1000 was not tested, due to it appears
to have already been tested.

All sieving done with a modification of my CPAPSieve (solid siever).
I modified it to work like FermFact, which works on a rectangular
range. I sieved to 1.4 billion or so. Then all numbers were tested
using a new IBDWT version of OpenPFGW (testing this new version was
why I started this search).

PS, Looks like I have to split up this submission. There will be
4 submissions (328 PRP's)

To be completed...

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