PRP Records


Searching for repunit (probable) prime bases 153 to 160 and bases -153 to -160 to n=50000 (Currently at n=23057).

For base 153, I found R3, R5099.
For base 154, I found R5, R8161.
For base 155, I found R3, R61, R449, R2087.
For base 156, I found R2, R7, R199, R5591.
For base 157, I found R17, R107, R2791.
For base 158, I found R7, R79, R109, R4003, R6151, R10453.
For base 159, I found R13, R89, R577, R1433, R9643.
For base 160, I found R3, R7, R17, R151, R1487, R3989, R20773.

For base -153, I found R13, R1063, R5749.
For base -154, I found R3, R29, R263, R601, R619, R809, R1217, R2267.
For base -155, I found R5, R22679.
For base -156, I found R3, R1301.
For base -157, I found R5, R157, R809, R1861, R2203.
For base -158, I found R2, R5, R769, R5023.
For base -159, I found R283, R449, R1949, R7457.
For base -160, I found R11, R37, R1907, R10487.

To be completed...

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