PRP Records


I found this Wagstaff PRP as a member of the DUR project (Vincent Diepeveen, Paul Underwood, Tony Reix), and thanks to the LLR tool built by Jean Penné, based on gwnum tool by George Woltman.

I used the Vrba-Reix PRP test implemented in LLR 3.7.2 and then 3.8.0 by Jean Penné.

This Vrba-Reix PRP test makes use of cycles in a DiGraph under x^2-2 (the LLT test). See: for details.

I\\\\ ve tested about 43000 candidates on Intel cores.

Probably 50 or 60 thousands candidates have been tested by the DUR project.

This PRP has been verified by means of PFGW.

(L+2)^(N+1)==5 (mod N, L^2+1). Tested by Paul Underwood.

To be completed...

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